Unreasonable Facility Requirements: It is unlawful for a manufacturer, by contract or otherwise, to require a Dealer to become or remain exclusive if the dealership has adequate capacity to meet its obligations under its Dealer Agreement.

Unreasonable Refusal to Approve Proposed Dealership Transfers: It is unlawful for a manufacturer to unreasonably withhold consent of a proposed franchise transfer.

Franchise Succession: It is unlawful for a manufacturer to refuse to provide the widow or heirs of a deceased dealer principal a reasonable opportunity to operate a franchise.

Unfair or Discriminatory Business Practices: Dealers are subject to unequal bargaining power in their relationship with the manufacturer. The manufacturer has significant discretionary control over vehicle allocation, assignment of Dealer areas of responsibility, and facility demands, just to name a few. There are several potential causes of action available to Dealers to guard against unfair manufacturer business practices.