Dealer Rights

Dealer Actions for Damages

Unreasonable Facility Requirements: It is unlawful for a manufacturer, by contract or otherwise, to require a Dealer to become or remain exclusive if the dealership has adequate capacity to meet its obligations under its Dealer Agreement. Unreasonable Refusal to... read more

Protests Before the California New Motor Vehicle Board

Proposed Franchise Termination: A manufacturer cannot terminate a new motor vehicle Dealer franchise without first providing the Dealer notice of its right to file a Protest with the New Motor Vehicle Board (“Board”). In any termination Protest proceeding the... read more

California Law Provides Dealers Significant Protections

It is vitally important that Dealers are aware of their rights and protections under California law. The California Vehicle Code sets forth a number of Dealer protection laws designed to guard against the abusive and oppressive practices of manufacturers. The New... read more

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